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What clients have to say...

"It’s the letter no attorney wants but it sometimes shows up. Todd walked me through the process and explained how the system worked based on his experience with the OPC. He wasted no time calling the case attorney in our first meeting. Todd’s experience and approach were invaluable to me with this matter. If you want expertise and a surgical approach in your corner, then Todd Wahlquist is the right person for you. Clear, concise, and strategy driven."  Mr. G.

“I could not be more pleased with Todd’s help and representation of me in a matter with the Office of Professional Conduct.  Todd’s knowledge, experience and understanding of the disciplinary process was essential in achieving a fantastic result.  Todd’s calm demeanor and ability to set, explain and follow through on a clear vision of handling the matter, brought a lot of comfort and assurance in a stressful situation.  I would recommend Todd to anyone with a matter before the Office of Professional Conduct.”  Mr. B.


"Todd’s knowledge and experience with the Office of Professional Conduct initially caught my attention when I had a complaint which kept me from sleeping.  Once I met with Todd he gave me an honest evaluation of the complaint and put my mind at ease to the extent any attorney could have.  He handled the issue with skill, in a timely and cost efficient manner.  I cannot recommend him more highly for issues with the OPC."  Mr. H.


"I cannot thank Todd enough for guiding me through this horrific process.  His calm, confident and strategic advice has been invaluable.  I will always remember what he's done for me with great gratitude and respect."  Ms. C. 

“I spent over 7 months responding to an inquiry from the Utah Bar regarding a past client.  Unable to achieve a resolution I sought the assistance of Mr. Wahlquist.  When he agreed to represent my interests with the Bar it was like a two ton weight being lifted off my shoulders.  He was positive while being realistic, which gave me confidence and relieved my anxiety of the situation.  He surprised me a few weeks later informing me the Bar had closed out the inquiry in my favor.  I cannot place a value on what Mr. Wahlquist did for me and would highly recommend him to anyone facing such a situation.” Mr. N.


"After living outside of Utah for over 11 years, I relocated back to Utah to engage in the practice of law and other professional endeavors.  I reached out to the Utah State Bar for direction concerning a topic of interest, and the Bar's response was ambiguous and confusing.  In need of clarification, I reached out to attorney Todd Wahlquist and he had a phone conference with me.  In that communication, he provided vital clarification and direction which impacted myself and my family.  I truly appreciate Mr. Wahlquist's prompt response, direction, and expert knowledge."  Mr. S.

"I recommend Todd in the strongest terms.  He is extremely knowledgable on both the substantive legal issues and the relevant procedural questions in his field.  I had peace of mind in knowing that he was handling my matter." Mr. L.

I worked extensively on a difficult file.  Despite a favorable outcome, I received a bar complaint.  It was upsetting; I experienced a wide range of emotions; and didn’t sleep well for weeks.  Todd was helpful, supportive, and excellent in his approach and response to the OPC, leading to a dismissal of the complaint.  More importantly, having Todd’s assurances throughout the course of the pending complaint helped restore my own confidence and put my mind at ease.  I highly recommend him and encourage other practitioners to reach out if they find themselves in a similar situation.  Mr. S.  


Every legal matter is unique and very fact specific.  The testimonials and references on this website do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.  Testimonials, reference and/or past results do not guarantee or predict future results.

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