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Licensed attorney in the state of Utah.

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I have spent my entire legal career litigating against professionals in Utah.  Upon graduating from law school I worked at a small plaintiff's firm suing doctors for medical malpractice.  After several years I went out and managed my own firm, again representing patients injured as a result of medical malpractice.  During that period I was appointed by the Utah Supreme Court to sit on the Court’s Ethics and Discipline Committee.  My role was to hear cases involving bar complaints against Utah attorneys.


I found attorney discipline to be a fascinating area of law, and when the opportunity presented itself, I accepted the position of Deputy Senior Counsel with the Utah State Bar’s Office of Professional Conduct ("OPC").  My job was to investigate bar complaints and prosecute Utah attorneys for professional misconduct.  During my time with the Bar I was heavily involved in analyzing and revising the procedures now used by the OPC in its investigations and prosecutions of attorneys accused of professional misconduct.  Having returned to private practice, I am now available to defend Utah attorneys being accused of professional misconduct.


The OPC is a creature of rules.  It was created by rules. It investigates violations of rules.  Its policies and procedures are governed by rules. The discipline it seeks is limited by rules.  No less than five sets of rules come into play throughout the course of prosecuting an attorney for professional misconduct.  A thorough understanding of how these various rules interact is vital in providing the best possible defense when you are accused of unethical conduct.   


Additionally, I've been there.  I've had to open that envelope from the Bar marked "Personal and Confidential."  I've experienced the anxiety, confusion and anger that comes along with being accused of violating the rules.  So I understand that just because you get a bar complaint it doesn't mean you are a bad lawyer or a bad person.  It doesn't even mean you did something wrong.  

Prior to going to law school, I went to film school and spent several years working in the film and television industries in various capacities.  This experience in telling a story to an audience has proved invaluable in helping judges and fact finders understand my client's side of the story.  


I have tried cases to judges and juries, and argued numerous appeals before the Utah Supreme Court.

If you are being accused of violating the Utah Rules of Professional Conduct then I have the knowledge and experience to provide the defense you need.   

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